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As a business owner, you’re always adapting to keep up to date with market needs. You need to be able to manage your outlets, stock, and staff from one back office, with a unique view of your entire operation.

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Mainly time and money saving, through better store management. With HeroPOS you capture relevant sales and customer information once only. It  is then available without being re-keyed – to an inventory management  system and a customer data base, as well as to the stores accounting system. By tracking your businesses progress by computer, you are able to make  timeous sales and purchasing decisions, and by so doing improve your  bottom line.

With any point of sale system these factors are of vital importance to the success of the system. HeroPOS boasts an extremely strong maintenance and support staff, not only for the Hardware but for the Software as well. We are always there for you. Each customer purchasing HeroPOS receives a minimum of 20 hours of comprehensive training on all the aspects of the  operation of the system.

The only real difficulty in the installation of a system is what is called “The take on“. This is the entry of all the stock item, their codes, prices etc; the debtors and all their information and the Creditors into the back office system. It has to be done correctly and it takes time. Once the take on has  been completed, the actual running of the system is simple and requires only an hour or two a day to maintain.

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