The flow of information is the life blood of a business. To be successful the information must be accessed, controlled and efficiently managed! In today’s competitive environment you cannot afford to fall behind. You must be up-to-date on buying trends, competitive activity, and most of all, on your sales and cost situation.




CCTV and Access Control is becoming more and more an integral part of a business, not only for the security of business and staff, but for the clientele that uses the establishment. CCTV is not only there to record events that happen but also provides a deterrent for criminal activity.

By having Access Control on your doors, you will have full control over who comes and goes from your business, and control who is allowed on the premises.



POS-ALERT is a Hospital and Retirement Home Wireless Paging System consisting of Paging Transmitters, Wrist Watch Receivers and Display boards. The Wireless Transmitter can be mounted for ease of access for both patients and nurses ensuring immediate support.




With today’s technology being updated and improved at such a rapid rate, trying to keep up with keeping your PC up-to-date can be a nightmare. Let us help you. Our skilled technicians can help you by either selling you a new PC or by upgrading your current one to meet your requirements.



Attendance management is an important aspect within every company that has employees. Thorough employee attendance reporting can increase productivity and lead to higher profits.




Consumables such as till rolls, ink cartridges and printer ribbons are day to day requirements for any business. We supply it all at competitive prices. Give us a call or email us for the latest prices and requirements.