Welcome to POS-SA

POS-SA is a IT solutions company which has been around for more than 20 years, dealing in cash registers, point of sale equipment, CCTV and many other IT related solutions. We deal with both hospitality and retail, no matter how small or big you are we have a solution for you.

Our products are kept up to date with latest features available to P.O.S systems (from loyalty, debtors, deliveries, credit card interface, and many more), we also keep up to date with the last innovations regarding CCTV, internet packages, computer hardware and many, many more.

All our products and services are backed by 24/7 support from our professional and qualified technical team.


HeroTAB Mobile Solutions

HeroPOS is continuously developing to keep up with world wide trends and perfecting the perfect Hend held POS system. With ample years of experience in this industry, the launch of HeroTAB is literally the world in your hands. Our aim is to deliver the best product and service in the palm of your hand.





POS-Alert: Wireless Alert System

Emergency Paging System : POS-Alert is a Hospital and Retirement Home Wireless Paging System consisting of Paging Transmitters, Wrist Watch Receivers and Display Boards. The Wireless Transmitter can be mounted for ease of access for both patients and nurses ensuring immediate support.

Cashier Management and Customer Service : Cashier can call supervisor for assistance via call button and supervisor will receive the message via wrist pager and screen will display the till number. Customer will also be able to call floor staff for assistance in store.





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